Start Small for Big Savings

“Wealth is largely the result of habit.” ~John Jacob Astor If I could tell my younger self one piece of advice that would help create a life of financial independence it’s this: ‘Small expenses make a huge impact on your saving and spending habits.’ Saving money consistently starts with self-discipline in your spending. When we

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Find Your Perfect Side Gig

Who doesn’t want to earn some extra money? Adding a little extra to your bottom line every month feels great, but actually finding your perfect side gig takes some work and takes some hustling. However, if you stick with it and you are inspired, motivated and determined, the money will come. The money may not come pouring in like

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Daily Rituals of Successful People

Developing rituals and creating daily habits leads to success. The people that are most successful have created daily rituals that help them start their day off right. Their rituals help them put their best foot forward, keep their day on track, and make them more productive. Daily rituals of successful people establish routines that get you moving on autopilot, ensuring

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How to Manage Your Career – Create a Career Portfolio

For most people, one of the fastest ways to increase your savings and acquire more wealth is to increase your earning potential in your career. That’s why developing a ‘career portfolio’ is essential to progress in your career with ease. There are three main categories to creating a stellar career portfolio: Relationships, Skills, and Emotional Intelligence. I’ll

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Consumerism in America

Flash sale! Black Friday! For a limited time only! Americans are inundated every day with advertisements for limited time only deals that try to get us to spend more of our hard earned money. I see these ads every day through radio, TV, Facebook, Google, Yahoo – everywhere I go and everywhere I look there is an ad

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