Benefits of Pet Ownership – Health & Wealth!

I cannot recommend the benefits of having a pet enough. Especially dogs. I think they are the absolutely best thing to have in your life. Since I don’t have kids, I am biased towards fur babies, however they are great to have around kids too. I have almost always had pets in my life – dogs, cats, and even fish, a ferret, and an iguana when I was married. The one time I didn’t have any pets in my life, either my own or a boyfriend’s, I remember being depressed and unhappy with life the majority of the time.  At the time, I didn’t really know why I was unhappy and I attributed it to the ups and downs of dating. However, when I look back at that time, I really think it was because I didn’t have a pet in my life.Benefits of a Pet

Pets Provide Health Benefits

Research has even show how pets can provide health benefits to humans. Having a pet in your life can decrease your blood pressure and cholesterol level, and prevent loneliness and feelings of depression by increasing levels of serotonin and dopamine. Pets truly make you happier and healthier.

When I’m around my dog, I feel happier and more secure. She gives me the confidence to be more social, which is great for an introvert like me. In the 7 years I’ve had Coco, I’ve only had a handful of colds, and have really never felt healthier. She makes me want to be a healthier, happier person every day.

Pets Can Save You Money

In addition to the health benefits, pets can also save you money. You may ask how, because I’m sure a lot of people would say they are an extra financial burden too when you add up the cost of vet care, grooming, food, toys, and also the damage they can do. There is a definitely a cost to having a pet, so always make sure you can afford a pet before you get one. However, there are also ways a pet can save you money… here’s how I save money by having a dog:

Pitbull in Banana Split Costume
Coco is rockin’ her banana split costume!
  • I stay in more. Knowing that I always have a warm body to snuggle with on the couch while I watch TV or read a book I don’t need to constantly go out. They really make a house a home, and combat any loneliness you may feel by being alone.
  • I stay healthier. Pet owners visit the doctor less than non-owners. I save money by not having to shell out cash for office visits, prescriptions, and over-the-counter medicine. Pets improve your happiness and can be a ‘free’ prescription for depression, helping you improve your immune system and reducing illness.
  • I don’t need a gym to exercise. I can just hook up Coco’s leash and head out the front door for a walk or run. This is also a health benefit to having a dog, since they force you to stay more active.!
  • I’ve got my own in-home entertainment. Coco makes me laugh on a daily basis.
  • Unconditional (free) love. How awesome is it to come home after a crappy, stressful day at work and have your dog greet you with excitement and happiness because you are home. Your human family probably doesn’t even do that!

    Pitbull Love
    Coco provides unconditional love every day.

These are my financial benefits of having a dog, which are also all health benefits. I’m sure everyone can identify their own unique benefits. When we adopt an animal, we are not only saving their life, but we are also saving our own in ways we often don’t realize. I will always be grateful for the benefits Coco provides me, she makes me happy, healthier, and an overall better person.

“It’s difficult to understand why people don’t realize that pets are gifts to mankind.” ~Linda Blair

6 thoughts on “Benefits of Pet Ownership – Health & Wealth!

  1. That is such a great point that pets keep you healthier. When my husband had his dog the only thing he wanted to do was stay outside to play and run with him. Me on the other hand, I am a cat person and even though my cat wasn’t super active he made me feel better emotionally.

    1. That’s awesome! I love hearing stories about how much pets can make you healthier, happier and more active. Pets are the best – even cats 🙂

  2. Hey Jen, I can totally relate! I always grew up with having a dog, and sometimes more than one! They really are incredibly loving and a ton of fun to play with. Time can just fly by when you’re out taking them for a walk, or playing catch with just a stick, or even wrestling around with them.

    Dogs always seem to know what to do when you’re feeling down too. It’s like their psychic and can read your mind! They can easily change your mood and make you feel a lot better, regardless of what problems you may be having in life. Where did they learn how to do that?!

    I never really considered the ways that having a dog could save you money, but you’ve really hit the nail on the head! Especially with staying healthy yourself and not having to pay all those medical expenses that most people have.

    1. I think it’s crazy how much dogs seem to know your mood, just when you need them they are there for you to offer unconditional love or a laugh at the silly stuff they do. My dog is a huge people pleaser and will always go for a walk or wrestle whenever I’m in the mood. A perfect companion!

  3. Hi Jen,
    My niche is back pain and foot pain related injuries. Thus, I deal a lot with different therapies for pain management. Animal therapy has now been accepted by most pain management pros as a good alternative to pain pills. Yeah, hugging your dog when you don’t feel good is a lot cheaper therapy than spending a small fortune on pain pills.

    As for me, my dog was a great cure for loneliness. I grew up in small South African town where there wasn’t much for a kid of six to do. My dog took what could have been a lonely childhood and filled it with fun memories as we got into one crazy antic after another.

    1. Hi Thabo – It’s so great to see animal therapy being approved as alternative medicine. I feel like animals can help with everything from pain management to depression and anxiety. And I agree, they are a great cure for loneliness! I don’t think I could see my life without a dog in it, it was be very lonely indeed. Thanks for stopping by and your comment! ~Jen

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