It Starts With Inspiration

Watching athletes compete is so inspiring for me. I love watching the most amazing athletes compete with such enthusiasm and joy. Although I enjoy a good, hard, sweaty workout, I don’t do it to compete with others, rather I do it to constantly maintain and sometimes improve my own physical abilities. My motivation comes intrinsically, and maintaining

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How to Manage Your Career – Create a Career Portfolio

For most people, one of the fastest ways to increase your savings and acquire more wealth is to increase your earning potential in your career. That’s why developing a ‘career portfolio’ is essential to progress in your career with ease. There are three main categories to creating a stellar career portfolio: Relationships, Skills, and Emotional Intelligence. I’ll

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Do You Know a Millionaire?

There are so many misconceptions about millionaires. If you haven’t read The Millionaire Next Door, you are missing out on some great insights into the lives of ‘secret’ millionaires. There is a big difference between the people that like to flaunt their money and those that like to truly live life for themselves and really know the

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