It Starts With Inspiration

Watching athletes compete is so inspiring for me. I love watching the most amazing athletes compete with such enthusiasm and joy. Although I enjoy a good, hard, sweaty workout, I don’t do it to compete with others, rather I do it to constantly maintain and sometimes improve my own physical abilities. My motivation comes intrinsically, and maintaining

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The Cheapskate Dilemma

Those of us that are frugal or cheap often debate about how much to share with others about our money habits. We wonder if maybe it’s easier to not share my opinion, just nod my head and agree. Or maybe I should just fib a little to hide my true feelings about how others spend their money? If someone

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Live Simple and Happy

I enjoy living a life that is simple, and generally free from stress. I’ve found that it really doesn’t take a lot to make me happy and content. True happiness comes when you are happy where you already are, with what you already have. If you are constantly looking for something better, something to make you happier,

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Daily Rituals of Successful People

Developing rituals and creating daily habits leads to success. The people that are most successful have created daily rituals that help them start their day off right. Their rituals help them put their best foot forward, keep their day on track, and make them more productive. Daily rituals of successful people establish routines that get you moving on autopilot, ensuring

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