Consumerism in America

Flash sale! Black Friday! For a limited time only! Americans are inundated every day with advertisements for limited time only deals that try to get us to spend more of our hard earned money. I see these ads every day through radio, TV, Facebook, Google, Yahoo – everywhere I go and everywhere I look there is an ad

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Living a Frugal Life

Over the last few years, I have focused more on saving for retirement. With my renewed focus, I have been living a frugal life by reducing my spending over the course of time. Some may say I’ve become a “cheapskate” in order to reach financial independence sooner and retire early from my Corporate America, however, I feel

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Smart Financial Habits

There are a lot of reasons to develop smart financial habits sooner rather than later. People who are successful with money will achieve their goals and dreams more easily. Successful people set goals for themselves and develop action plans to ensure they achieve those goals, including developing good financial plans.  Bad financial habits lead to bad

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