Habits to Make You Smarter

Habits to Make You SmarterDo you ever wonder how some of the smart people you know seem to get smarter every day? I have, and I decided to explore the habits these people have that continue to increase their knowledge. Here are some of the ways I’ve found to help make you smarter.

Learn something new.

There are so many great tools for learning – the internet and library are great free resources. You can learn new life skills, increase your business knowledge, and build your career skills. Read articles online, read a book, or just get out and experience something new. Nourish your brain every day by learning something new!

Tune into podcasts.

Podcasts are quick, convenient and can help pass the time on your commute, walk or workout. Some great ones the “smart” people recommend are TED Talks, Planet MoneyThe Tim Ferriss Show, among many others. I’ve found that listening to podcasts on topics that I find most interesting increases my understanding and awareness on things like career growth, investing, and happiness. Entrepreneur.com provided a great list of podcasts geared to those who want to start their own business, but are actually good for anyone wanting to learn something new.

Journal for Reflection
Reflect on your day, every day.

Reflect on your day.

Writing isn’t just for school. Smart people take a few minutes every day to write. They reflect on their accomplishments, goals, and things they are grateful for. Get a journal and commit to writing down a few things every day that make the day remarkable.

Create boundaries.

Smart people know their limits. Healthy emotional and physical boundaries improve your personal and professional success and ability to grow. Don’t worry about disappointing others by saying “no” when necessary.

Get enough sleep.

Ensuring you get enough sleep every night will make you more productive, innovative, and focused on a daily basis. Additionally, sleep makes you healthier and less stressed. When you provide your body with the rest it needs you enable it to work smarter, not harder and longer.

Socialize with smart people.

Smart people are willing to learn from other smart people. They share their experiences and knowledge enabling both to grow and learn.

Exercise consistently.

Getting in a workout on a consistent basis and staying active improves mood, cognitive skills, visual recognition, and decision making. Exercise also provides an outlet for stress, and helps improve memory by helping develop neural connection [source]

Smart people make time to meditate and relax.
Smart people make time to meditate and relax.

Do nothing and meditate.

Allowing your brain and body some downtime is an essential part of maintaining your health. When you can allow your mind to rest and take downtime from mental stimulation, you end up making smarter decisions. Sit silently or take a walk, solitude is essential to your happiness.

Smart people are able to adopt habits that not only make them smarter, but allow them to be more successful in their career and life. These habits help advance you in life by creating a solid foundation to improve and become the best version of yourself. Routines are great, it’s what my life it all about; but learning, exploring, and experimenting make you think and expand your knowledge all the time.

Do you have any habits that are good for your brain? What habits do you want to incorporate in your life?

6 thoughts on “Habits to Make You Smarter

  1. Hi Jennifer!

    These are all very good habits to keep your brain active and ready for anything!

    I try to constantly learn new things and interact with smarter people, that boosts your brain and keeps it awake 😉

    I guess I need more meditation time, I’ve been missing that for a while now. Too much noise in my head which doesn’t let me focus.

    Thanks for the tips!! I will apply some of them!

    1. Meditation is definitely one of those habits I need to do more of too. I read about it being so healthy for your mental focus, but setting aside to just meditate and do nothing is a hard one for me. Hopefully you can find it easier than me! 🙂 Thanks for your comment! ~Jen

  2. Hi this is a great article on how to keep your brain active. I will incorporate some of the things you have listed. One of the things I don’t do enough of is sleep. This is something I will try and get more of. I would also like to excercise more. One of the things I do like doing is reading books which makes me learn something new everyday.

    Thanks for this great post.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Even if you just incorporate one of these habits, it will help improve your learning every day. Reading is my favorite and it’s something I definitely do every day. Keep it up!

  3. I recognize some of these habits as I am already practicing them on a daily basis. What I can relate to the most is ‘learning something new’ and if I may add ‘out of your expertise’.

    Having worked for 8 years in the medical field, I am actually over saturated with a lot of information. At one point, I was feeling very tired and uninspiring. Through a series of self-realization events, I found that I was only relearning what I already known (and probably bored of).

    When I discover blogging, it felt like the choked bottle has finally released its cap. I am picking up internet marketing stuff and reading exciting articles that I never knew existed.

    In a way, I like to think that I’ve become smarter and hopefully, continue to be so as my blog progresses.

    1. Hi Cathy – I really feel the same way about you about starting to feel like I’m not learning any more in the field I’m in. It seems like you get to a point in your life/career that the information you “learn” doesn’t inspire you anymore. I also enjoy blogging and exploring everything it has to offer. There is a lot to learn and it gives me something new to strive for and find my own success. Good luck to you and your blog! Thanks for stopping by! ~Jen

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