It Starts With Inspiration

It Starts With InspirationWatching athletes compete is so inspiring for me. I love watching the most amazing athletes compete with such enthusiasm and joy. Although I enjoy a good, hard, sweaty workout, I don’t do it to compete with others, rather I do it to constantly maintain and sometimes improve my own physical abilities. My motivation comes intrinsically, and maintaining my physical fitness helps prove to myself, especially as I get older, that I can still run, stretch, and lift weights better than other people my age.

If you read, watch, and listen to some of the interviews with competitive athletes who answer the question “what’s your inspiration?” you often hear that it’s the other competitors, past and present, that truly inspire them. When we watch others doing the things we love to do, it inspires each of us to do that in our own lives.

It doesn’t matter if what you love to do is physical or not, we should all take a lesson from competitive athletes and be inspired to go after what you want and do what makes you happy. Inspiration is one of the key ingredients in being successful. It helps you maintain healthy habits, along with motivation and discipline. Inspiration helps us form goals, motivation gets you started, and discipline keeps them going.

Today: Get Inspired! Tomorrow: Get Motivated!

Move forward every day by maintaining the discipline to reach your goals.

“The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it.” ~Debbi Fields

2 thoughts on “It Starts With Inspiration

  1. I think that the older you get the more important it is to stay in shape and to work out. When you are young your body is fairly strong and firm anyone but with age everything changes (I am 45 now).
    When I need inspiration I just think of my stepson who is Swedish champion in boxing. Before the championships he worked out twice a day at the same time as he was holding a full time job.
    I figure that if he can do that then at least I can go running and do a few push-ups a few times a week. I also know someone who is also into boxing, he is a coach, 70 years old and works out 10 times a week. Not bad eh?

    1. That’s so inspirational! I love hearing examples like that, especially someone that is 70 years old and still works out consistently. I agree, if they can do it, why can’t we?

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