Bad Financial Advice

People are always so willing to offer up their own financial advice. Every once in awhile you hear some good advice that you can easily take advantage of. However, there has been a lot of advice I’ve heard over the year that has been down right bad. What surprises me though is that people still

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Holidays For You

The holidays can be fun and enjoyable, but they can also be difficult and stressful. The experience is different for everyone. The expectation is that everyone should enjoy the holidays. Anywhere you go people are asking what you are doing for the holidays. The most common answer of course is getting together with family and

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How To Stick To a Budget

Creating a healthy spending habit can be difficult to start. It’s not something that comes naturally to most people, and often just thinking about money causes people stress. However, finding yourself in a dire financial situation can really cause some serious stress to your life, that’s why understanding how to stick to a budget and creating good

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