The Benefits of an Active Dog

This post ventures away from the usually personal finance focus of my blog. However, my dog, Coco is a big part of my life, so I wanted to share some of my love for her with you.

My Best Friend Coco
My Best Friend Coco

I love dogs – always have, always will. As an only child, I grew up having a dog as a pseudo-sister and best friend, her name was Antigone and she was a German Shepherd. Some people may find that strange, but for me, it was just part of growing up. Even now, as an adult, my best friend is my dog, Coco.

She is a 9 year old pitbull mix with a heart of gold. She loves people and other dogs. She has a kind heart without a mean bone in her body. Although, thankfully, she can also be a good protector of me and our house; occasionally growling and barking at strange cars and people that approach the house. (Go get ‘em Coco!)

What is my favorite thing about Coco? She is the best running buddy! Coco is my motivation – energetic, excited and always willing to go for a run. She wakes me up every morning before 5am. If I don’t start making an effort to get up, she pokes me with her cold nose. As soon as I start stretching and reach over to turn on the bedside light, she bolts off the bed. She then shakes, stretches and races out of the bedroom to the back door. I let her outside, she quickly goes pee and is immediately at the back door eager to eat her breakfast. I sleepily head to the bathroom myself to pee, brush my teeth, and change into my running clothes. Coco meanwhile is waiting for me with excitement in her eyes, knowing that we will soon be heading out the door. Coco is my motivation to run every morning!

Dogs love to run and play
Dogs love to run and play

When I first started running in the morning, I would only do it 2 or 3 days a week. On the mornings we didn’t go, Coco was so sad as she watched me get ready for work. There were even a few days when I would come home from work with things chewed up in the house – books, dvds, my glasses case. At first I didn’t know why she suddenly started chewing things up. Then it occurred to me, those were the days I didn’t take her for a morning run! She was frustrated with pent up energy. I quickly developed a morning routine that incorporated a daily run with Coco. For the past few years, a morning run has become a healthy habit Coco will not let me break. You can find your perfect running dog too – head over here to find one, and of course, go to your local shelter to adopt!

I think the largest benefit of an active dog is it forces you to be active as well. As an only dog, Coco has learned to play by herself too. However, the part of the joy of having a dog is playing and bonding with them.  Daily! For me and Coco, it helps us both live a happier, healthier life.

Happy Dog Happy Life
Happy Dog Happy Life

Dogs bring so many benefits to our lives. They make us happier by giving unconditional love any time we need it. Active dogs make us feel like a kid again by ‘making’ us play with them. And the best part, they make us healthier by reducing stress and making us stay active every day. Happy dog, happy life!

Do you have any pets? How have you seen pets make lives better?

4 thoughts on “The Benefits of an Active Dog

  1. So true, I have two labs and they are the best. I take them for a run (they run I walk) every day. I don’t think I would walk as much if I did not have them. I think all dogs are the same when it comes to their behaviour if you don’t get that energy out of them they become destructive. One of mine chews the carpet, not all the time but on occasions when she is not happy at being left alone so we have this hole in the carpet that is slowly getting larger! This is the third carpet we are on so will not replace this one yet ,hoping she will eventually grow out of chewing on it. Enjoyed your blog Thanks

    1. My dog had a lot of destructive behavior too before I started taking her for walks. Every. Single. Morning. It’s become her routine now, so she expects it. We go out rain or shine. I think it has really improved her behavior if she is left alone all day. And it’s an awesome benefit for me – I get my daily exercise in too!

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    1. I’m glad to hear you liked my post on contract work. There are definitely some pros and cons you have to consider before stepping into the life of a contractor. The biggest one being that you could lose your job at anytime – you are much easier to get rid of to save a company money than their permanent employees. Good luck to you!

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