Why Do People Love To Travel?

Why Do People Love To TravelWhat’s so great about travel and vacations? Everyone I talk to is always talking about their next vacation – where they are going and how excited they are. Then they almost always end up asking what my next vacation is or where I’ve gone recently. When asked, my honest answer is that I have nothing lined up and don’t really like to travel. Unfortunately that sounds too negative, especially to someone that has told me all about their next trip. I try to remember that people love to travel. However, I start to wonder – Why do people love to travel?

Instead of getting into my personal feelings on travel, I try to answer in a positive way saying that I don’t have anything planned, but “I’ll probably head over to California or go up to Seattle soon to visit my relatives” just to appease all those judgmental people. However, unlike most people, I just don’t feel the need to travel. For me, I like my life at home, it’s fun, exciting and enriching, although I know others would think it is the most boring life ever. To each their own, right? Everyone has their own opinions.

The Lure of Vacation

Why Do People Love To Travel
The Lure of Vacation Fun

Vacation lures people out of their normal day-to-day routines. They want to escape their normal, boring life and travel to someplace fun, exciting, and sometimes exotic. Why is their life boring now? Why do they need to travel somewhere else to find enjoyment?

Personally, I find getting a good night’s sleep in my own bed so rewarding. I hate traveling somewhere and then not being able to sleep well for the first few nights. It’s so frustrating! Then the best feeling is coming back home and sleeping in my own bed…. Wait, what? Yep, the best part about vacation is coming back home…. At least for me.

I’m sure people may read this and say I’m not taking the right vacations or staying in the wrong place, but really, not everyone loves to travel. There are people that love it and people that don’t. I’ve traveled in my past for both work and pleasure. Although I really enjoyed some of those trips, I felt like I did it more to get away from the life I was living. I was stuck in a job I didn’t like, a house that was lonely, in a relationship that needed an extra spark, and just couldn’t find anything to enjoy and make me happy in life. So traveling should do the trick, right?

Create a Life You Love

My Best Friend Coco
My favorite part of staying home.

The here and now should be full of happiness and enjoyment. Find hobbies you love, do them now. Find a passion project, do it now. Find something you want to learn, learn it now. When you begin to realize how fulfilling life at home can be, you are less inclined to want to leave. I love the comfort of my own house, all of my creature comforts are there. If I want a “vacation” from my normal daily or weekly routine, I can mentally disengage and spend time doing fun stuff – like jigsaw puzzles, reading, watching Netflix or DVDs, hiking, running, working out at the gym, or creating my own project at home.

Take a Break?

I may be simple minded sometimes, but if you are truly content with your life, you don’t feel like you need to take a break from it and go on vacation and travel. I enjoy the continuous fulfillment I get from my every day routines.

Sometimes travel can be fun in small increments, but I’m naturally a homebody and get more happiness from staying home and enjoying the life I have built for myself. I enjoy having all the comforts of home around me, especially my dog. Maybe if money was no object and I could bring my dog everywhere and have an assistant to make sure I always brought everything I need anywhere I went I would travel more, but I have never really enjoyed it all that much. It has always been something that I “have” to do, not “want” to do. One day I may change my mindset, but for now, I choose to enjoy staying home. I choose to be happy where I am.

Do you enjoy to travel or stay at home? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Why Do People Love To Travel?

  1. Great article, and a very valuable site for so many. Your website name is perfect for the subject matter! I like the way you have a clear point of view and don’t feel the need to conform to others’ expectations. Although I myself love to travel at certain times, being a homebody has become more and more attractive in recent years and I can fully identify with the joy and satisfaction of having stimulating projects and a good life right on your own doorstep. Thanks for an inspiring read.

    1. Everyone has their own preferences, but preferences can also change over time. There are definitely times when travel instills that excitement of something new. Fortunately for my finances, I enjoy staying home. Thanks for your kind words and comment. I appreciate it! ~Jen

  2. We do like to take vacations now and then. Usually our vacations consist of something close to home, typically less than a days drive. We live in Phoenix and love to vacation in San Diego, because we can drive there in about 6 hours. Being able to drive is a lot cheaper than flying a family of four. We did take a big vacation this summer to Maui, and it was fantastic, but at the end of the day, you still have to go back to work! Yes I do enjoy vacations, but not if it’s going to cost an arm and a leg. I know some people absolutely live for vacations. The Hawaii trip was great, but expensive. As you mentioned, to each their own. If you did have the opportunity to go anywhere in the world, and money wasn’t a factor, do you have a destination in mind?

    1. Living in Phoenix (as I do as well) is great for driving vacations. You can easily head to Southern California as you mentioned, or Las Vegas, and even Mexico within just a few hours drive. There are so many people that live for vacations to break free from their current life for awhile.

      What a great question! If money was no object, I would love to take my mom and fly first class to visit Italy and stay in a luxury hotel and eat all the great food I’ve heard they have. Also, I think traveling in an RV with my dog would be fun because she loves meeting new people and dogs, and is very active and would like to go hiking everywhere and anywhere. Hawaii is great too, especially Maui because it is very beautiful and relaxing.

      Thanks for stopping by and your comment! ~Jen

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